3 Weird Trends That Have Become Popular Fashion Styles

There are many things that happen in the Fashion world that are completely abrupt and yet successful. It is not even expected to imagine certain elements of style ever possible and turns out they are not only formulated but even achieve success upon their launch. It is awkward to see some styles of the past which went on to be followed by millions of people back in those times. But fashion has been like this ever since it can be traced. The same trends which people used to mock become their favourites after some time. It is all about opinions and how it changes with time.
Here we would discuss about some of those trends which have been weird to such an extent that people have polarized views on them. They are loved by many people while the haters of it are no lesser than those who love it. Such has been deranged way of trends in fashion industry which keeps shifting from pillar to post and so do the opinions of people about these trends. But no matter what your favourite trend is all about, you can get it all on at great discounts with these Souq coupon codes. Now let us take a look at the 3 such weird trends that we can spot in fashion at present. 

From Lower to Panelled Joggers

The popularity of certain trend can elevate to great heights and falls even faster. One such popular trend can be seen in the sports based lowers which has been formulated into a new style altogether popular with the name ‘Jogger’. The same lower which were a compulsion in the sports person’s life have now been replaced by the joggers. But one particular style that is really weird is the panelled joggers which have been one of the most selling athletic and sport attires in last one year. These attires are utterly in juxtaposition with the idea of lower and yet turned out that those who once loved lowers have adopted to this change without a second thought. The difference between the panelled joggers and the lowers is in the basic concept itself. While the lowers followed a very basic minimalistic design and aptly light weight but the panelled joggers on contrary follow an overuse of silhouettes and have minimalistic approach with the usage of clothes too. It is really strange that those same people who were once a loyal supporter of minimalistic approach of lowers have turned usurpers and embraced panelled joggers with open arms.

From Subtle to Explicitly Shining Colours

There has been a catastrophic variation in the use of colours and their combinations in the fashion industry. Back in the last decade, it was the dominance of more subtle and laid back colours which was seen thoroughly on all kinds of dressing, whether casual or formals or party wears. But the trends or rather the taste of colour has seen a massive twist in the last few years and turns out that the same explicit and loud colours which were considered childish or too much loud, are now treated as fashionable colours. There are a plethora of such influences which can be seen whether you take the example of coloured Chinos or Blazers, from Jackets to the Shoes, the casual and informal attires have been through a massive change altogether. Even though, the formal attires have not been influenced with this impact till now, but the way things have changed in the world fashion, it would be rather unwise to assume it is not possible.

Cartoon Imprints

The cartoons used to belong to children in our childhood but as it turns out to be the case after I grew up, the cartoon characters are now a part of the youth dressing as well. It is one of the most striking examples of radical trends of the fashion industry. The use of micky mouse and other such cartoons were once limited to the kids wears and accessories which actually click with the child’s mind. But the recent style trends have shown an astonishing transformation in which cartoon imprints with colourful prints have been immensely successful in youths as well. Probably, this is also a certain fascination which links with the way people saw sharp and bright colours back in those days compared to how it has become popular now. The use of cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Micky Mouse and Pokémon etc. is now style in the popular fashion and it is nothing strange to witness T-shirts and even shirts with those characters printed being flaunted by mature men and by the way, it is not just alright, it is rather cool. To get the imprinted T-shirts online, you can use these Noon Coupon Codes and avail the lowest prices on the top trending outfits from top brands.


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