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Modest fashion is having a moment!

Designers are focusing on presenting dressing style in clothes that are cut to cover instead to reveal. Modest dressing trend is enjoying an extreme renaissance. All the major fashion brands are embracing long-held views increasingly by focusing on the style that does not have to equate to reveal a lot of flesh, In this blog post, we will learn about the top modest fashion trends that are gaining immense popularity in the Middle East as well as other parts of the world.
Scroll through the post to check out the trends that are turning inspiration around the world 1. Optic White! White is perennially stylish and looks good on every body shape and size. You can accessorize it with statement fashion essentials while still looking flawlessly put together. Go for some bold jewelry like statement earrings, trendy wedges, and pretty scarfs. 2. The Tuxedo! In ivory with gold and black embellishments, the tuxedo is simply perfect for women who wish to dress modestly while looking absolutely stylis…

Latest Fashion Trend In UAE That You Need To Follow!

Designer brands and fashion styles frequently get qualified to cities like Paris, Milan, or New York. But one thing for the fashion obsessed to know is that some of the hottest new trends are coming out of the Middle East and are catering to the growing modest fashion boom!
Here are some things you need know about the growing popularity of modest trends.
1. Hijab is making a Bold Statement Hijab is basically a headscarf and it’s about women making the decision to wear it, to cover what they want, and dress appropriately without any social pressure. You can shop the best hijab for yourself from Souq and enjoy a great discount on your shopping by choosing Souqcoupon codes.
2. Long Skirts You can try long skirts and flowy long gowns that are perfect to wear in Dubai without feeling outdated. You will surely complement the strict rules of UAE as well as look styling too. The long skirts and flowy gowns are recreating the classic fashion of the 50s and 60s and many fashion icons are updated …

4 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in UAE

UAE has the development of highest proportions and a skyline that can put even the most developed cities of the world to shame and all this within an amazing desert landscape to complement the ubiquitous charm of the place. The tourist has been attracted to UAE for some of the most amazing man-made structures. There is a lot of luxury and unparalleled glitz in the country which has rightly made a gigantic mark amongst people all over the world.
While visiting a place, one thing is always there in the mind of any traveller which is the budget. With such a striking name amongst the most lavish places of the world, most people ought to think that UAE is one of the most expensive places for a traveller. But this is not the truth, to be honest. While you can’t deny that the UAE as a country is a bit costly for outsiders but when travelling, you do have the options to book your trip online in order to ensure more pocket-friendly travel plans than ever before. You can use these Emirates Coup…