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3 beauty trends that will dominate this year!

1. Skincare technology of the future While Korean beauty face pack will continue to remain a favorite, they are going to have to share some shelf space with spa-like gadgets that use coloured LED light therapy to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, lasers that reduce spots breakouts and micro needles that lessen the appearance of under eye bags. 2. Environment-friendly and guilt-free products Fighting pollution and protecting the environment is finally receiving the attention it be worthy. Pay attention to cleaner packaging that can be safely disposed or recycled along with cleaner products that are free from harmful ingredients. 3. A game of subtler skin tones A minimalistic look that shows modest glamour, with simpler makeup routines, will be more popular than ever. The ethereal effect belongs to a whole other level of natural because of the way it creates a dewy and translucent tone that beautifully brightens the face. Try out the best treatment and

Best Fashion and Beauty Trends in UAE!

When it comes to fashion and beauty, the start of another calendar year requires a closet overhaul and update of cosmetics haul. Here we will see some of the latest fashion trends which becomes essential for us to follow. 2018 is meant to be the year that brings in a lot of news and lot of trends that makes it important for us to follow the trend and stay updated on fashion game.
Here are some tips to look better than never before. Innovative eye make-up There are some people doing unique things with eye shadows and eyeliners that are reminiscent of abstract, edgy runway styles. These looks are definitely not for everyone, but it’s nice to see people challenge themselves to do cool. Get checkered prints Checkered prints have made a big comeback in 2018. You can wear any type of dresses such as checkered Jackets, oversized shirts or even you can try out a pair of trousers that remind the glory days of fashion in the 90s. Fringe Style and Benefits

What are the best places to visit in Dubai?

Dubai actually has everything. Right from larger than dream theme parks to amazing malls, Dubai has come up as one of the most urban and hip destinations in the recent times, Every attraction in Dubai is created with maximum precision keeping in mind the potential of its unique explorers. Here are some of the best places to visit in Dubai: 1. The Burj Khalifa 2. The Dubai Mall 3. Burj Al Arab 4. Palm Jumeirah 5. Dubai Marina 6. Ferrari World 7. Dubai Creek 8. Wild Wadi Water Park 9. Dubai Miracle Garden